AT Web Results - MooTools Drop Down Menu

AT Web Results - MooTools Drop Down Menu, Unobstrusive!

Unlike alot of the MooTools Drop Down Menus Out there, ours is completely unobtrusive! We dare you, turn off Javascript and give it a whirl! See now isnt that nice, thats how Javascript Menus are supposed to work, completely unobtrusive and falls back to a standard css drop down menu

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I have seen so many examples of MooTools drop down menus, but when I use javaScript, AJAX, MooTools, Prototype or anything that relies on the clients browser I really like it to fall back to a usable state if javascript happens to be disabled... Yeah I know in todays web who would do that!

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Compatible with all of today's popular browsers, including webkit browsers such as: Google Chrome and Safari. Also this has been tested with MooTools 1.2 users of 1.1 Upgrade your depreciated unsupported scripts ;-)

AJAX Image Upload Browser compatibility
AJAX Image Upload Browser compatibility

This code is based upon the mootools documnetation as well as the great work by Uvumi and their drop down menu!

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