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OK, I know it's not AJAX, but it sure feels like it! The truth is AJAX cannot upload images, it wont happen, it can't do it, stop your search and take a deep breathe as you begin to accept it! But never fear we have developed a cross browser solution that is comparable with every major JavaScript Library. Keep reading and check out the demo!

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Take a look at the 3 examples below, without looking at the source code you probably wouldn't realize its not AJAX. Well the cat is out of the bag its not! It actually uses the ugly nasty relics from the 90's, IFRAMES, urghhh. I know. Well you're thinking about it do a view source, you wont see it there. The JavaScript adds it in a hidden state and then when it is done with the dirty little thing it removes it. Pretty slick, huh.

OK so play around with it and send me some feedback through the forum you will also find the full source code including the PHP image uploader I use in most of my scripts! Oh and before I forget, if any of this looks familiar it should there are a few of these out there, but none were exactly what I wanted.

The license is very flexible, feel free to use this in your app's, commercial or otherwise, distribute it, package it, sell it, be prosperous! It's all good. All I ask is that if you improve it, change it, alter it post your code in the forum to make this code even better! Also make sure to keep all Copyright info intact and if it is a commercial application, please give credit where credit is due. If you find it really helped you out donations are always appreciated, see the link below.

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Supported File Types: gif, jpg, png
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Compatible with all of today's popular browsers, including webkit browsers such as: Google Chrome and Safari. Also this has been tested with MooTools 1.1 and 1.2, Prototype, jQuery and no comparability issues were found!

AJAX Image Upload Browser compatibility
AJAX Image Upload Browser compatibility

Pretty Cool, huh? Well kids I promised the source code for the perfect AJAX / PHP style image uploader. Please visit the forum for download and credits Click Here

Creative Commons LicensePHP AJAX Image Upload Revealed by Tim Wickstrom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. Based on a work at

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