PHP Easy Photo Gallery

Is a very robust and powerful photo gallery script. The key to this photo gallery script is that it installs in seconds and requires no programming knowledge to install it or for the end user to use it.

The administration area is very intuitive and easy to use. Add new galleries and edit them at will, no need to photoshop your images first as this will resize your images for you.

About the images, no need to have them all the same size or shape. Portrait, landscape, small, big, it doesn't matter, this script is smart enough to make the adjustments for you.

Add as many galleries as you'd like and as many pictures in each gallery as you desire. Simply set a few global configurations in the administration area and your good to go. The script supports multiple languages and date formats (American, European, International), dynamic folder creation for each gallery and the entire administration area offers a help page for each step of the process.

This script was developed with PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and uses one MySQL database. Fully tested for use on PHP 4+ in the Linux and Windows environment. Full email support and a support forum available.